Cleaning the Toilet

Cleaning the toilet might seem like the dirtiest job in the house, but it's not really so bad if you use some of these tricks.

Try to remember that the bathroom is actually not the most germ-laden spot in the house (that would be your kitchen). Hopefully that will help a little. Also keep in mind that as you tackle each of the small bathroom jobs, you will have a growing sense of accomplishment because each one

Some people ask how often the toilet needs to be cleaned - most people do it weekly. However, if there are just one or two of you in the family, you might do it less often. Another factor is how hard your water is - the harder the water, the more often you will probably want to clean your toilet.

By the way - you don't have to use rubber gloves, but if you feel more comfortable - please do so.

  1. Use a toilet brush to scrub off any solids
  2. Pick up any stray hairs around the seat and the floor around the toilet with a few pieces of damp toilet paper
  3. Pour a large bowl of water into the toilet. This will force most of the water out of the toilet, making it much easier to clean properly

Toilet Tips

Start with a clean cloth, with whatever cleaning solution you prefer.

(If you are using a store-bought cleaning solution, please read and follow the instructions carefully – including safety precautions and how long to leave solutions on the surfaces for effective disinfection)

  1. Start by wiping down the top and sides of the water tank and the top and bottom of the toilet seat. (If you are using high quality microfiber, re-fold to a clean section before moving to a new part of the toilet. If you are not using microfiber, rinse your cloth and re-soak in cleaning solution.)
  2. Then, clean the outside of the toilet bowl, followed by the rim and interior of the toilet bowl. (Don't forget under the rim too).
  3. The last step of cleaning the toilet is wipe down the floor around the bottom of the toilet bowl.

You should now have a sparkling clean toilet!

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