Microfiber Scrubbing Mitt

Even though I don't have hard water, I have to confess that I do like the handy microfiber scrubbing mitt. It can be used in the bathroom or the kitchen.

I has a scrubbing side and a microfiber wiping side. It just provides that little bit extra help to break through soap scum more quickly, especially if I haven't cleaned the bathroom for a while.

When it's not in the wash, mine lives happily under the bathroom sink. This may qualify as 'TMI', but because I don't need to use strong chemicals, I can easily clean the whole tub and surround before I get out of my Saturday morning shower.

Just a word of caution - because there is a thin foam pad on the scrubbing side of the mitt which does not have the special disinfecting silver - this mitt is not classified as antibac, and should be washed more frequently than a regular Norwex microfiber cloth.

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