Chemicals that Point to Toxic Cleaning Products

Can You Tell if a Chemical is Toxic or Not by the Name?

The answer to that question is simple - no! Chemicals names are complex and do not tell you the whole story. For more information, I highly recommend you read Chemicals in Cleaning Products before proceeding.

Knowing the whole story on a chemical name will prevent you from getting carried away by the latest scare and allow you to wisely identify if products are actually toxic cleaning products or simply 'handle with care - you could hurt yourself'

The chemicals on the following list are know to be toxic to human health and/or to the environment. That toxicity can come through poisoning, damage to the endocrine or hormonal balance, cancer causing agents, reproductive toxins, and a whole range of environmental effects.

I have not attempted to list specific products on this list for one very good reason - chemical companies frequently change their 'secret recipes' - so what is true today might well be untrue tomorrow. Although I am not personally a big fan of chemicals, or of the 'big corporation' - I do not wish to misrepresent anyone who might be making an effort to reduce the toxicity of the products they manufacture.

Complete alphabetical list of

Toxic Antimicrobials

Toxic Bleaching Agents

Toxic Foaming Agents

Toxic Perfumes

Toxic Solvents

Toxic Surfactants

Toxic Water Conditioners

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