How to Organize Clutter

Knowing how to organize clutter is my biggest obstacle to a clean house. However, the very thought of eliminating clutter before I can even start to clean makes me tired before I begin. Even worse, as I start to declutter, I often imagine a mother hen trying vainly to collect a dozen peeping chicks scattering here there and everywhere. How can you organize a seemingly endless supply of small items that have a life of their own?

Sadly (in my opinion) clutter control is rather like doing the dishes. You get the load done, everything away, counter clean - and as soon as you turn around, there is another growing mound of dirty dishes. Like dishes - to successfully declutter, you have to keep going back to it.If you really need to get started, and want to see results FAST check out this great resource I found!

How Do I Know if My Clutter is Out of Control?

Here are some of the most common symptoms of out of control clutter:

If you walk into a room and then leave again because you can't stand to look at the mess, but the job seems too big and ugly to tackle - you just might need to learn how to organize clutter!

If you feel like you need to take a day out of your regular routine, or even a day off work to deal with it - you might need to declutter!

If you feel like your stuff controls you instead of you controlling your stuff - you might need to get to work eliminating clutter.

If you suffer from any of those symptoms, it's best to get started. Failure to seek treatment will result in an increasing sense of failure with the risk of depression.

I have a few basic ideas to get things started, but for even more options to declutter and organize your home: Help with decluttering, recycling, choosing and storing household items and, investing in energy efficient appliances... many organizing tips to make your housekeeping cheaper, quicker and easier, resulting in a beautiful and relaxing home.

Taking action will result in growing confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

Basic Principles of How to Organize Clutter

I wish I could tell you that there was a secret 'how to organize clutter magic trick' that would make it all go away. Unfortunately, there is no quick once and done solution short of a big bonfire! (if you find one - please let me know, I'll be among the first to buy!)

1. Identify a place for everything so that everything can go in it's place

2. Everyone in the household needs to be responsible for their own stuff

3. Create a routine

4. Do it!

5. Start again if necessary, as many times as necessary.

Dealing with the Main Kinds of Clutter

In my house there tends to be three kinds of clutter challenges :

1. Eliminating clutter from people's stuff that didn't get put away/thrown out or whatever

2. Papers/magazines/ flyers/mail

3. Miscellaneous stuff that no one really knows where to put - it hasn't got 'a place', and doesn't have a real 'owner' (normally Mom and/or Dad become the owner by default). Right now, in my kitchen, this pile includes the following items:

- 8 or 9 keys that no one can identify, but no one dares to throw out in case they are important

- 6 screws that probably belong to something

- a soother and baby spoon that a guest left, but we don't remember which guest so we hope that they do - soon!

- a small assortment of screwdrivers that migrated in from the garage, but we still want them in the house for the time being, because we are renovating the bedroom

- an assortment of Cdn. and U.S. change, plus a few Euros

- a plastic part off of something or other, don't know what, but it looks really familiar - better keep it nearby, cause if it goes somewhere else, we might lose track of it or forget about it when we need it.

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