Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle

We all have access to keys to a healthy lifestyle. The question most of us face is not whether we can have a healthy lifestyle, but if we will do what it takes.

Every few months it seems like there is an announcement about another product that causes cancer, or heart disease, or diabetes or whatever. Over the years I have been just as guilty as most other people to respond - 'I guess everything is bad for us, so why bother making an effort!?'

For the purposes of this discussion, think of quality of life as a big house with lots of rooms in it, and every room has a locked door. As we embrace the components of a healthy lifestyle, it's like getting the keys to those doors. The more keys we have, the more access we have to quality of life.

This realization is especially clear for women entering their 40s and 50s as we realize that the quality of our later years is increasingly dependent on developing healthy lifestyle success habits that we likely neglected in our youth

Here are some of the keys to the rooms in the 'quality of life' house:

1. Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating made Fun Experience a healthy eating and fitness plan for life without forever having to eat salads and crisp-breads.

Normal everyday living causes our bodies to create by-products called free radicals. In an unpolluted environment, our bodies are easily able to combat these toxins on their own. In our modern world, with pollutants and chemicals all around, our bodies natural defenses struggle to combat their destructive effects. To help our bodies, we need to enlist the help of foods high in antioxidants. Fresh fruits and vegetables are our best allies, with extra high marks going to sensational berries.

2. Physical Fitness

3. Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins

You and your family are exposed to many toxins in addition to the ones covered on this site, in places where you never thought they might be lurking. Despite what many people believe, it is possible to reduce your exposure to toxins enough to make a difference for your long-term health and the health of those you love. At the same time - you will benefit the environment.

One way you can accomplish this by making choices in how you live and work in your home environment;

Going Green for Life.

Another is to embrace quality natural remedies wherever possible. This is one area where realiable resources are essential, as there is alot of garbage. I highly recommend you check out my friend Yvonne at

Essential Natural Remedies

She has some wonderful information and resourcing.

You don't need to do it everything at once. Remember that every small step makes a difference.

4. Rest

5. A Healthy Spiritual Life

6. Stress Reduction

7. Friendships, or even better, a significant and relational community life

Western society hasn't traditionally placed a very high value on most of these - but that is changing as we grow to understand their importance.

This entire website is geared towards giving you keys to a healthy lifestyle by helping you reduce your exposure to toxins in cleaning products, and I want you to understand what difference it makes to your overall health. However, as I discover new and interesting resources for the other topics, I will add links for you to explore.

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