Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Bathroom cleaning tips for people who love and for people who hate bathroom cleaning.

Personally, I love to clean the bathroom – because it is the only room that actually ‘shines’ when I’m done.

I always get a great sense of accomplishment standing at the door of a clean bathroom, and it motivates me to keep going to other rooms in the house.

Most of my friends hate cleaning their bathrooms because they think of it as a dirty room – full of germs just waiting to attack and make them sick.

(That being said – I have never heard of anyone getting sick from cleaning a bathroom!)

However – you are probably exposed to more disease-causing germs in the kitchen than the bathroom. So take heart, with a few good bathroom cleaning tips to help, it’s not as bad as you think.

If you are of the Bathroom Cleaning is YUCKY Club – always wear a pair of quality rubber gloves.

There are four types of products you can use to clean your bathroom:

1. Commercial products that you buy at your grocery store. Lots of people use these products, but even the so-called environmentally friendly ones are not really safe – so I don’t recommend them.

2. Truly environmentally and human friendly products – normally you have to get these in the organic or ‘health’ section of a large grocery store, in a health food or organic product store, or on line.

If you like to use ‘products’ when cleaning – this is a far better solution than the products found in the cleaning aisles of your grocery store.

3. Homemade cleaning solutions – there are lots of recipes on this site for cleaning solutions that use environmentally and human friendly ingredients like baking soda, white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.

4. A clean high-quality microfiber cloth and/or bathroom scrub mitt with hot water. This is what I have been using for five years now – and I don’t think I would go back to using ‘products’ – no matter how good. This is just too effective and way faster!

For general tips on how to use microfiber cloths, visit

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But, whatever tools and solutions you prefer, the process is pretty much the same.

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Before you start though, please note my personal favorite bathroom cleaning tips below - they solve my least favorite cleaning jobs:

Taking Care of the Gag Factor

Getting Rid of Stray Hairs

If there is one thing that really makes me gag when I clean the bathroom, it is seeing my cleaning cloths covered in hair. Don't know why that is, but I hate it. Here's one of my favorite bathroom cleaning tips that I picked up from a friend in the cleaning business...

Before cleaning the bathroom, go over surfaces that have hairs with slightly damp kleenex or toilet paper, and flush it down the toilet. (some people use paper towel, but you can’t flush it, so I prefer toilet paper) This will pick up the majority and help control the gag factor.

Don’t forget sinks and tubs, around the toilet seat, corners of the room, and of course the floor behind the toilet.

Drain Maintenance

Bathroom drains have a nasty habit of accumulating hairs mixed with soap scum.

If left to itself, it will end up clogging the drains – so best to get rid of it before you have to put your hand in gross standing water!

Get a pair of tweezers and dig around inside the drain, pulling out all the bits of hair you can find, and tossing them in the toilet.

Once you are done cleaning the bathroom, you can freshen up the drains with a couple of tablespoons of baking powder and 1/2 cup (or 125 ml) of white vinegar to help keep the soap scum accumulation under control.

(I do that once every month or two)

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