Using the Bathroom Scrub Mitt

The bathroom scrub mitt is a cleaning mitt with a slightly abrasive nylon side and an absorbent microfiber side. It is invaluable in the bathroom, specifically for cleaning the tub or shower.

Because it should be a high quality microfiber product, the scrub mitt works best with only warm water - no chemicals are necessary.

The only exception would be if you waited for months before attempting to clean the built up hard water deposits on your shower or tub surround. I actually saw a bathroom where the deposits were so hardened that no amount of chemical intervention, must less scrubbing, was able to save the tub surround. The family ended up paying hundred of dollars to replace it.

To use the scrubbing mitt, follow the following steps:

  1. Thoroughly wet the mitt with warm water, and wring out until just damp.
  2. Use the scrubbing side to break up any hard water and soap scum residues, scrubbing in a circular motion.
  3. Rinse and ring out the mitt, and then use the same circular motion to wipe using the microfiber side.

The microfiber will completely remove everything right down to the porcelain, tile, or acrylic surface. In fact, you will notice that the microfiber will 'drag' until the surface has been completely cleaned - at which point it will slide easily across.

If you have neglected the bathroom surfaces for a while, you may need some chemical help the first time you use the bathroom scrub mitt. Be sure to choose a product that is both environmentally and people friendly, and to follow the instructions on the label precisely.

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