Homemade Cleaning Products

Staples For Your Cleaning Cabinet

Homemade cleaning products should be staples for those interested in earth friendly cleaning and frugal homemaking. They are both inexpensive and generally less toxic to health and the environment than many other chemical options.

Homemade cleaning solutions often start in your kitchen - most often with products that you already have. It is helpful to have a basic knowledge of the most common ingredients used to make the majority of eco friendly cleaning recipes. Most homemade cleaning products are for specific tasks, but there are several effective multi-purpose home made cleaning products that you will find very useful.

I have collected most of these recipes from friends, relatives and various articles over the years. I would love to hear about green cleaning recipes that you have collected too. If you would like to share your favorites, please go to Your Homemade Cleaning Recipes

For Your Bathroom

There are homemade cleaning solutions available to meet all the needs found in the average bathroom. Whether it's soap scum, urine on the floor, mineral build-up in the shower head, or general dirt - you don't need to turn to harsh commercial chemicals.

If you would prefer a completely chemical-free solution there are detailed instructions on how to make the best use of microfiber in the bathroom Take a look at the three essentials to remember in the section below. They apply equally to bathrooms as well as to kitchens.

For Your Kitchen

Homemade cleaning products can be easily made to help you accomplish just about every task in your kitchen. Kitchens are the most challenging room in the house to clean because of the variety of tasks and tools and surfaces that require cleaning-up. As well, the fact that we deal with food means that the risks are higher - so we need to make sure that any surface that will come in contact with food is not only clean, but sufficiently free of pathogens to be healthy.

Here are three essential things to remember:

1. A clean kitchen means removing the dirt and food residues and disinfecting the surfaces.

2. Most sanitizing/disinfecting solutions, whether homemade or store-bought, only work well on clean surfaces.

3. Nearly all sanitizing/disinfecting solutions need to 'sit wet' on the surface for 5-30 minutes (read the label - know your product) to kill any germs that are there. Don't just wipe and expect things to be sanitized. This is as true for bleach, as it is for a store-bought cleaner-disinfectant, as it is for the homemade vinegar-peroxide one-two punch I am going to tell you about under basic cleaners. This is even true for those handy wet-wipes (be really careful of those - does the wipe leave enough liquid on the surface for it to stay wet the required amount of time?).

Homemade Cleaning Solutions for General Kitchen Clean-up

Homemade Cleaning Products for Large Appliances.

Homemade Cleaning Solutions for Small Appliances.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Sinks And Porcelain Sinks.

Laundry Solutions

Homemade solutions for the laundry room are an easy way to get great benefit from green cleaning recipes. There are a number of homemade cleaning products that can increase the effectiveness of your laundry detergent and reduce you use of harsher laundry additives. There are even options for homemade laundry detergent.

Floor Cleaning

Green Cleaning Recipes for Metals.

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