Homemade Cleaning Solutions for Small Appliances

Homemade cleaning solutions are essential for the workhorses of your kitchen - the small appliances.

For a Clean Microwave Oven

One of my favorite homemade cleaning solutions, I've been successfully doing this for years! Put a wet cloth in the microwave and turn on high for 30-40 seconds. The moisture from the cloth will loosen all that stuck-on mess. Carefully remove the cloth, open it an allow it to cool for a few moments. Then use the still-warm cloth to wipe out the microwave.

To Clean Coffee Makers

Fill the water reservoir with straight white vinegar and turn on the coffee maker. Let half of it run through and turn off the machine. Let it all sit for 1/2 an hour then turn it back on again. Follow up with two reservoirs full of cold water. (the first time I ever did this I skimped on the water part - the result was curdled milk in my husband's coffee - yeah, not so nice!) That's it, done!

To clean the pot, scrub lightly with a little baking soda and lemon juice.

For removable plastic parts, try hot water, dishwashing liquid and 1/4 cup of white vinegar. Let soak for about 30 minutes and rinse well.

Food Blender

If the blender is freshly used - The first time, fill the blender 1/4 full with very hot water. Add a drop or two of dish detergent. Close lid and turn it on for 5-10 seconds. If more water is needed to go to the top, add carefully. Note how much water you used for next time. Take it apart, rinse, wipe the exterior and put away.

If blender was not cleaned immediately after use, fill with hot water and allow to soak before cleaning. If it is really bad, you may have to scrub by hand.

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