Effective Household Cleaning Tips

I want to share some great household cleaning tips that will give you a clean house, and safeguard your time, money, the environment and your health!   

University studies worldwide are now discovering that many of the chemicals used in cleaning products present long-term health and environmental dangers.  These include developmental disorders, 'gender-bending', increased autoimmune disorders,  allergies, asthma, and the development of 'super-bugs'.

The very best tools at our disposal for a clean and healthy home are not the commercial chemicals we have relied on for so long, but tools developed through the sciences of physics and engineering, with a little help from safe biological and chemical products being developed by truly health and environmentally conscious companies around the world:

  • high quality microfiber cloths and mops made with fibers smaller than 1/100th the size of a human hair
  • well-made HEPA filter vacuum cleaners like the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner
  • enzymes that will 'digest' biological waste products like blood, food wastes and dust mites wastes
  • truly safe and toxin-free cleaners made with natural products like coconut oil and washing soda

I would like to share my best household cleaning tips with you to save you the years of 'practical research' and wasted money I experienced. There are sensible house cleaning solutions that will work for you: giving you a clean house, free enough of pathogens (bacteria, viruses, molds and allergens) to be healthy, and in less time and for less money than you are probably spending now.