House Odor

Commercial products designed to deal with house odor are very big business these days. You would be hard-pressed to watch TV for more than 30 minutes without seeing an ad for a chemical air perfumer.

Think for a minute about the long term cost of these items - you buy the initial 'kit' - usually a dispenser (that uses batteries or electricity) - and a couple of replacement perfume vials. You then need to go the store every month to buy as many replacement vials as you have dispensers. The cost adds up quickly.

On top of the financial cost, we also need to consider a couple of other questions...

Do we really need these? Since when did the ordinary smells of every day living become socially unacceptable? My suspicion is that it was the marketing for these products that created the need so that the manufacturers could create a demand for their products.

Do we understand the dangers of inhaling artificial perfumes all day for ourselves and our families?

The suggestions found in the links below are my hope that you will choose to use safe methods to keep your home smelling fresh and that you will choose to say NO to the corporate manipulation that gets us to part with our hard-earned money to purchase products that are unnecessary and that may even be dangerous to our health.

Removing Odor in the Kitchen

Removing Odor in the Laundry Room

Pet Odor Removal

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