Simple Sudz Review

When Darren Olson approached me to review his Simple Sudz products, I have to confess to a certain amount of skepticism. Fortunately it was largely misplaced.

After combing through the grocery stores and researching the ingredients lists on the numerous products available I have come to the sad conclusion that I wouldn't use any of them in my home. They may be more biodegradable than they used to be, but many of them still have chemicals that harm the environment as they slowly degrade over time. Many also have ingredients that are toxic to human health. Even the popular citrus based cleaners have problems.

Because Simple Sudz has a policy of full ingredient disclosure it only took me a few moments to go online and confirm that the ingredients were plant products (like palm and coconut oil) and simple chemicals with very low or no toxicity.


The MSDS information sheet indicates that Simple Sudz are not considered to be an irritant by WHMIS standards. This does not mean that no one can ever be irritated by it (especially if you get it in your eyes or you have very sensitive skin), but that the average person should not expect to experience any irritation and should be able to use it safely without wearing rubber gloves. Although this is not a food - accidental inhalation or swallowing should not cause any problems.

It is safe to use around kids and pets. The Medium Duty Simple Sudz Product can even be used as a pet shampoo.


he biodegradation study indicated that SIMPLE SUDZ achieved 77.5% degradation within 7 days. To be considered readily biodegradable (what most commercially available eco-friendly products achieve) the standard is only 60% degradation within 28 days, which makes SimpleSudz extremely biodegradable in my books.


Darren sent me a number of products to test and after just a few trials I have one thing to say FINALLY! Finally a line of simple cleaning products that aren't just environmentally friendly and safe for humans and pets, but they actually work!

One note - although the products can be used with either a scrubby sponge or microfiber, I found I much preferred to use a microfiber cloth for most applications, the only exception being oven cleaning. For that I used the scrub sponge to clean and the microfiber to wipe the residue off. (This was not because the microfiber wouldn't have done the job ñ but because I didn't want to have to clean the cloth)

Heavy Duty

Before using this product I went on to YouTube and viewed two videos showing its amazing graffiti-removal power! That was impressive just by itself, and I could hardly wait to try it out myself. Unfortunately I didn't have any graffiti covered mailboxes handy however there are almost always a dirty oven and a stained kitchen sink to clean.

It did a nice job , was easy to use, and any residues are non-toxic and come off nicely with a damp microfiber cloth. (But even if they hadn't - I didn't have that nagging fear of somehow slowly poisoning my family)

Medium Duty

I think that this is my favorite of the three formulations - certainly the one I used the most in testing and continue to pull out of my cabinet for cleaning the outside of my appliances and stainless steel range hood.
Greasy finger prints on walls and door frames are also no match for it.

It also does a great job on silverware and was way less complicated than most do it yourself processes, and without the toxicity of commercial products. I haven't had the chance to remove burnt on food from a pot yet, but one part of me can't wait to try it out! (The other part of me cringes at the thought that I will have to ruin dinner first.)

Light Duty

I probably used this product the least. It worked fine as a general cleaner for floors and hard surfaces when diluted, but not better than good quality microfiber and warm water alone.

One thing I really loved though, is that the Light Duty Simple Sudz was great for cleaning leather furniture. Because it is based in a plant oil, I wasn't worried about drying out the leather. Before I tried it I was always a bit scared about cleaning my husband's favorite chair. Now I can do it as often as it needs (just don't use too much water or you can stain the leather). A damp microfiber cloth and some Simple Sudz Light Duty do the job just fine!

It also worked OK at removing some stains (especially grease-based) from clothing, but not everything, so I will not trade my current product.

Hand Cleaner

What a great product! My younger son teaches Auto Body Technology at the local College, and suffers from fairly nasty eczema on his hands. He says it's the first hand cleaner he has tried that effectively removes grease and basic automotive paints, and doesn't leave the skin on his hands torn up afterwards. Apparently he has one more paint product he wants to try it out on though, so I will keep you posted on how that goes.

The clincher for me is that a lot of automotive work exposes technicians to numerous harmful chemicals - often including the heavy-duty cleaners they use to clean their hands. The idea that they could now use an effective hand cleaner that gets rid of gunk without adding to their toxicity exposure makes me very happy!


As my husband can testify, I have tried and discarded a lot of cleaning products over the years. I was so happy to discover Simple Sudz I actually consider it a privilege to have been given the opportunity to review the products - thanks Darren!. These are products I am going to keep around! I think I might even personally keep my son supplied in the hand cleaner.


This is an honest review of Simple Sudz Products. Although the products themselves were provided free of charge for testing purposes, at no time have I received any renumeration for my review.

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