Cleaning Stainless Steel and Porcelain Sinks

Cleaning Stainless Steel Sinks

1. Clean stainless steel sinks with either a baking soda and water, or a baking soda and vinegar paste. Don't mind the bubbling of the baking soda and vinegar mix - it is highly effective.

2. If you have any stains on your stainless steel sink - take 3 parts cream of tarter to 1 part hydrogen peroxide and put the paste on the stain. Let it sit until it dries, then wipe away with a damp cloth.

3. If you want to get rid of all the tiny scratches that build up over time, polish all over with a non-chemical metal polishing compound, or with the finest steel wool you can find. Wash and buff with a soft cloth. (personally, I don't fuss with this too much - I just leave the scratches and keep the sink clean)

Porcelain Sinks

1. Fill the sink(s) with warm water and add several denture-cleaning tablets to each sink. Leave overnight. Drain and rinse in the morning.

Cleaning Drains

1. Prevention of Clogs 1 cup of washing soda mixed with 4 cups of boiling water. Pour this down the drain and then rinse with hot water. Do this once a month to prevent cogs and keep the drains smelling clean.

2. Unclogging Drains Mix 1 cup of baking soda with 1 cup of salt. Add 1 cup of white vinegar, quickly stir, and pour down the drain. If you can let this 'cook' overnight, all the better. Otherwise, wait 15 minutes and rinse with hot water.

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