Norwex Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

The Norwex antibac microfiber cleaning cloths are the basic tool for chemical free housecleaning. They can be used for dry dusting, dampened with warm water for general cleaning around the house, and also for removing carpet stains.

I love them! They come in different colors, and I use two in my house - blue for the bathroom and green for everything else. Just because they are impregnated with micro-silver to kill pathogens doesn't mean that I feel comfortable cleaning the bathroom and then somewhere else with the same cloth. I have two of each color - and just throw the dirty ones in the wash.

They work well for me in the bathroom, but some of my friends need the extra help of a descaler or a microfiber scrubbing mitt due to hard water issues.

Our house is in a constant state of renovation these days - so we have lots of drywall dust trying to make me crazy. I am always surprised to see how easily these cloths pick up those tiny little particles from every nook and cranny - used either wet or dry, depending on the situation.

Even on regular household cleaning jobs like wood work, walls and floors - I can't remember the last time I had to get out a cleaning chemical. And everything seems to stay cleaner longer too - probably because there are no residues left behind.

Until recently there was one thing I really did not like about my cloths - they always seemed to disappear. I eventually started to discover them in the car and in the garage, where they were being used to clean all sorts of nastiness. I eventually got some ' garage/car cloths' specifically for the guys.

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