Microfiber Window Cloth

Of all the different window washing solutions I've tried, the microfiber window cloth is the best - no chemicals, streak free, and fast. When I lived in Germany I was always amazed at all the middle-aged German ladies I could see washing windows weekly. I couldn't imagine it for myself, but their determination to have spotless house kept them at it week after week. I knew that if your windows were clean the whole house did seem cleaner, but the work and streaks and smelly ammonia just didn't seem worth it.

Now I love to clean my windows and other smooth surfaces like mirrors and TV screens (Although I sure don't do it weekly!). I just walk around the house with a damp cloth (usually I use a microfiber one) and a dry window cloth - doing all the glass one at a time, only stopping if my damp cloth gets dirty and needs a rinse.

It's so much more efficient than the piles of dirty newspaper and/or paper towels I used to go through - and way less messy than trying to chase down the streaks and drips from a squeegee.

Clean windows really do make your house brighter! I have given these cloths away to a few friends as gifts - and my smoker friends really love them - they are great at cleaning the nicotine-coated windows in their homes and vehicles without leaving streaks.

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