Preventing Future Bathroom Mildew

OK - so you've done everything you can to clean your bathroom mildew and everything looks great - for about 3 months. Then, horror of horrors, the telltale signs of impending break-out begin to appear - discolorations in the paint, orange on the grout. What happened?

Most of the techniques that we use to clean mildew don't actually kill it all the way. We clean the surface, scrub away the fungus that sits 'on top', and perhaps apply a bleaching agent that removes the stain. Once the stain is gone, we tell ourselves that the problem has been eliminated. Mildew stains are just like any other stains - they are discolorations caused by the fungus,not the fungus itself. Getting rid of the discoloration does not mean that we successfully eliminated the cause behind it. Fungi need food, and most need moisture, to multiply. The average bathroom provides both in abundance.

As in many things in life - when it comes to mildew in the bathroom - prevention is the best medicine (also a whole lot less work in the long term)

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