Controlling Bathroom Mildew

Bathroom mildew loves damp spaces where there is no air circulation to help remove the moisture. Where there is no fan, making good use of windows and doors can be a big help.

Using Your Windows and Doors

Many bathrooms still don't have fans. If that's your situation, it's important to take best advantage of your windows and doors. In suitable weather, if you have a window, keep it open, even just a little, most of the time. This will keep good air circulation in the bathroom.

Cold air tends to be dry, so moisture moves towards it. When it's colder, open the window after your bath or shower, and leave it open for 10-15 minutes if you can. (I know, I know, it's best to open it during too, but who wants freezing cold air in the bathroom when you're just getting out of the shower - let's get real!)

If you don't have a window or a fan, then you need to keep your bathroom door open all the time, unless someone is using the room. After a bath or shower, use a fan to draw the moist air out of the bathroom (it doesn't work to blow air into the bathroom). As the moisture disperses around the house or apartment, it should mix with the dry air and the overall moisture levels should be quite acceptable.

In the damp seasons a dehumidifier or air conditioner will help keep things much drier as well - just make sure that you keep the bathroom door open so that the air can move around.

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