Preventing Bathroom Mildew with Inhospitable Surfaces

Bathroom mildew loves to find a home in protected nooks and crannies. You can reduce the invasion by reducing hiding places that are also difficult to clean well.

Keep it Smooth

Keep your surfaces as smooth as possible. Avoid any rough finishes in your painted surfaces, floors and furnishings.

When painting, there are treated paints that are supposed to reduce mold/mildew. However, over the years, I have not found them to be significantly more effective at reducing mildew than a good quality semi-gloss. It's up to you - for our family, I try to avoid introducing unnecessary chemicals into our home, and paint has enough without adding more.

Also, make sure that the caulking around the tub is in good shape. Don't let it get dried out or broken. Caulking is easy enough to replace, so go ahead and replace it from time to time.

Keep it Clean

Develop a regular cleaning routine with effective cleaning tools and techniques. This will remove surface spores before they can take root, and keep any established mold under control.

In combination with moisture elimination, surface control should be the final step in preventing mold and/or mildew from invading.

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