Pet Skunk Odor Removal

Anyone who owns a pet that goes out at night will likely eventually have to practice skunk

odor removal sooner or later - some of us more than once.

There are, or course some good commercial products available at pet stores. However, if you

are anything like me, you don't keep a bottle of commercial skunk deodorizer at home.

Fortunately there are a couple of options for effective homemade skunk odor removal using ingredients you likely already have at home (especially in the middle of the night )

Please Note: If the dogs eyes are red and/or swollen, he or she may have been sprayed directly in the eyes. If that is the case, you should probably see your vet. It is very painful.


This is the classic emergency skunk odor removal product. It is better than nothing, but... you will likely have to follow-it up with something more effective.

You will need:

Tomato juice
Rubber gloves

1. The amount you will need depends on the size of your dog. Start with 1 can for a small-med sized dog, 2 - 3 cans for a large one. Don't water it down. Tomatoes are not as acidic as most people think, and watering down the tomato juice will significantly reduce it's ability to neutralize the skunk odor.

2. Generously pour the tomato juice over your dog, a cup or so at a time, and massage into his or her fur, right down to the skin. Allow it to soak for about 5 minutes. (The chemical reaction between the skink spray and the tomato juice needs time to work.)

3. Use a tomato-juice moistened washcloth to wipe his or her face, being careful around the nose and eyes.

4. Rinse with fresh water, and then soap your pet down with their regular shampoo. Rinse until the water runs clear, and then towel dry.

Don’t be surprised if this gives a less than perfect result. Rover might still have to sleep away from the rest of the family.

You may need to re-wash your pet the next day with the hydrogen peroxide solution, or make a trip to a pet store for a commercial product.


This is much more effective than the tomato juice solution, and I highly recommend it if you have the ingredients on hand.

You will need:

1 quart/litre of 3% hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1-2 tsp dish soap
rubber gloves
Up to 1 quart/1 litre of lukewarm water if needed (for larger dogs).

1. Mix in an open container (bucket or bowl); it will be fizzy. It might be tempting to put it in a spray bottle or other closed container, but don't give in to the temptation. The fizzing will give off gas, and will blow the bottle up.

2. Wet your dog's fur down completely, being careful not to cause the skunk spray to run into his or her eyes and nose.

3. Pour the bubbling liquid over the damp fur 1 cup at a time and massage into the fur, right down to the skin. Keep away from eyes, nose and mouth.

4. To wash at least some of the face, put some liquid on to a washcloth or sponge, but keep away from your pet’s eyes and nose.

5. Allow it to soak for at least ten minutes before rinsing.

6. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and follow-up with a 'normal' bath.

Once you are done your skunk odor removal efforts, the only place that might still have some skunk spray odor left is on the face, especially around the eyes, nose and mouth. The smell will diminish over time.

If you don't think you can stand it - go to the pet store and request a skunk odor removal product that is safe to use on your pet's face. At least you will only need a small bottle.

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