Removing Pet Urine Odor

Every pet owner will have to deal with pet urine odor at some time during the life of their pet. Either during the early days of housebreaking, at times of stress, or during old age.

Removing pet urine odor is an essential part of pet ownership that cannot be accomplished using homemade pet odor removal techniques. The main reason for this is that urine odors are created by proteins in the urine, and most household products do not break down the proteins very well. You will read that some people recommend diluted dishsoap followed by a vinegar rinse. This does reduce the odor quite a bit, but still leaves one serious problem.

Pets work by smell, and their sense of smell is much more sensitive than ours. If they can smell any residue of urine at all the carpets or soft furnishings, they will return to the same place to pee there again, compounding the problem. It is essential to get rid of the smell not just for human noses, but for your pet as well:

Pet Urine Odor in Soft Furnishings

You can follow the same basic instructions as for carpets : for upholstered furnishings that are water-safe, and even for mattresses.

The only possible complications for upholstered furnishings are the following:

1. if the fabric is not water safe - you will have to call in professionals. Be sure to tell them that there are pet urine stains and odors on the furniture.

2. there is a possibility that a cushion or two may have to be re-stuffed if the extraction process did not get the smell out of the foam.

Pet Urine Odor in Concrete

I love my dog. I love my dog. I love my dog. But, I really dislike it when she pees on my concrete basement floors. She is getting older and just can't hold it like she used to, so if we are out of the house too long, she goes to the basement to do her business. We thought she was just peeing on the floor tiles, but when we pulled them up during a recent renovation we discovered a stinky horrid mess underneath. Awful awful awful!

I tried washing and scrubbing and pouring vinegar on it, and an enzyme-based deodorizer, but the smell just kept on coming back. Finally I gave up and tried another approach, and it worked.

1. Scrub the concrete with hot water and a little dish soap. Allow to soak for a few minutes, then dry it off with an old towel.

2. Get some of that carpet cleaner designed specifically for removing pet odor and spray it on liberally. Let it soak in and dry. Once it is dry, spray it down with hot water and wipe it up with an old towel or paper towels. Let dry, and repeat.

3. Once the smell is gone, rinse the entire area with hot water and a little white vinegar to remove any chemical residues.

That should pretty much take care of it. We are going to paint the floors 'just in case', but so far the smell seems to be gone.

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