Norwex Mattress Cleaner

I have a friend who's daughter has terrible dust mite allergies. Since she started using the Norwex mattress cleaner on Mackenzie's mattress and stuffed animals, there has been an enormous difference. Dust mite allergies can make you really sick.

The enzymes in the mattress cleaner spray break down organic materials in soft furnishings and bedding to inhibit dust mites by removing their food, all without the use of dangerous pesticides. This is an incredible benefit for everyone with dust mite allergies. I have to admit that although on one has such allergies in our house, I use it a few times a year - just because I really dislike the idea of dust mites crawling aroung everywhere.

Pesticides are one of the most dangerous toxins that many of us have in our homes. They contribute to an indoor air quality that can by many times worse than the outdoor air quality. We need to eliminate their use wherever we can.

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