Norwex Magnet Ball

The Norwex Magnet Ball is an item I haven't really had the opportunity to try, as we do not have much of a hard water issue in our community. Unfortunately I don't know anyone else who has purchased one either.

I have heard/read a couple of comments on it though that I thought I might address. People seem to really like it, and it sounds like it works as advertised. The big question appears to be how it works, as calcium deposits are not actually 'magnetic'.

Although I haven't read a scientific explanation - from what I read about how you use it (put it in the washer and reduce the soap by 50-70%) it appears that it likely works by creating a weak chemical bond with the calcium, and 'keeping it busy' while the washer is doing it's thing. That way the calcium can't bond with the soap and fabrics. It's not really a magnet in a pure sense, but the image of a magent makes it easy to visualize. Just a note - it is NOT recommended for front-loaders.

Almost makes me wish I had hard water again so that I could try it out!

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