Norwex Day Cream

The first thing you need to know about me when it comes to skin care products is that I am a skeptic. Norwex Day Cream, night cream, and other personal care items are the direct result of Norwex commitment to reduce our exposure to chemicals in household and personal care items.

I have tried all kinds, at many different price points. For a time I even sold a very high quality product. One of the things I really resented about all of these is that usually I had to use multiple products. Then I discovered that one of the purposes of 'step 2' in the skin cleansing process was to fix the damage caused by 'step 1'. That's the point at which I started to really get upset. I did not want to subject my body to the abuse of cyclical chemical dependence. Once I had tried a few of the Norwex cleaning products, and was satisfed, I decided to try the Norwex day and night creams along with the body pack cloths for cleansing.

In no time at all I was sold on this very simple process that left me with clean, fresh and healthy-looking skin. There is no doubt in my mind that the Norwex day and night cream are as effective as even the most expensive product lines I had tried in the past. They are not cheap, but the money I have saved from no longer having to purchase cleansers and toners means that they more than pay for themselves. I have been using them for over a year now, with no regrets. As I get older and my skin may become dryer or more sensitive the only change I expect to make is from the body pack cloths to the gentler makeup removal cloths. Just one word of warning - neither the Norwex Day Cream nor the Norwex Night Cream reverse the aging process - no eco-friendly product can do that. What they can do is help your skin stay healthy and healthy-looking for many years without exposing you to dangerous toxins.

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