Antibac Body Pack

The antibac body pack sells as a set of three face cloths.  Frankly,  use them mostly on my face and hands.  I find that microfiber on my body skin drags too much to use comfortably elsewhere. 

However it's great on faces to remove make-up and exfoliate without chemicals that harm your skin's pH.  I don't wear make-up, so I only use it once every couple of days, and then follow-up with a high quality moisturizer.  One tip though - the drier your skin, the more water you should leave in the cloth before using it. 

I also use it to exfoliate the backs of my hands, especially in the winter when my skin is dry and gets a bit flaky.  Also on my nails once a week to smooth them,

and it seems to help keep the dry skin around my nails under control.

One of my friends has stopped using her electric nail polishing machine because this is easier and faster.

Norwex has just come out with a new face-care cloth for sensitive skin that I have yet to try, but I suspect from the texture that it might do an even better job on nails.

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