New Approaches to Bathroom Mildew Removal

Here are some effective ways you can deal with bathroom mildew, if you would like to avoid using bleach...

Whichever method of mold/mildew removal you use, you should use the following protective items to keep mold spores outside your body where they belong:

1. regular rubber gloves
2. eye protection
3. a dust mask (3M 8210 or equivalent)

Here are some effective methods how to remove mildew and mold from your bathroom. They also work for on-going cleaning:

Liquid Detergent and Water

1. Get two buckets of hot water, add some unscented liquid detergent to one, a scrub brush and a couple of old towels.

2. Scrub the moldy/mildewy area with hot water and detergent. Rinse well with the clean water and a towel or sponge. Dry thoroughly.

The Surprisingly Effective Homemade Solution

1.Combine 3 c baking soda and 1 c water. Get a bucket of hot water, scrub rush and a couple of old towels.

2. Scrub grout with a brush and rinse.

3. Not only does this method do a good job with mold/mildew itself, it also works well at mildew smell removal.

The Mechanical Microfiber Solution

1.You will need a high quality microfiber bathroom scrub mitt, some hot water, and an absorbent cloth to dry the surface. Make sure to squeeze all excess water out of the mitt each time you rinse to ensure maximum absorbency.

2. Scrub the surface, 3ft * 3ft at a time, with the abrasive side of the mitt, being careful to get at the grout if it's a tile surface. Repeat with the absorbent microfiber side. Dry the cleaned area thoroughly. Rinse the mitt and and wring it out well - repeat with the next section.

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