Potential Health House Cleaning Cost

Some form of health house cleaning cost is a real possibility whenever we handle chemicals of any kind. Although manufacturers generally carefully label products for short-term toxicity risks, long-term health issues like hormonal disruption, cancer risks and liver problems are only being discovered now.

There is a lot of fear-mongering going on, so it's hard for the average person to keep track and make realistic decisions. You probably received the same emails I did - one about a scrubbing pad that supposedly had formaldehyde, and a second story about a floor-cleaner supposedly made with automotive antifreeze. In the end, both stories turned out to be false, but they are still making the rounds. I'm not saying that either product is perfect - only that we need to be careful that we make our choices about possible house cleaning health risks based on facts rather than rumors.

Popular and Eco-friendly Commercial Cleaning Methods

See toxic cleaning products and non-toxic cleaning products to see what risks to human health we know about for many of the most common house cleaning product ingredients.

Home-Made Cleaning Products

Home-made products are not necessarily healthier for you, so it's important not to assume safety. Borax is a common ingredient in home-made cleaning solutions, and it occurs naturally as a mineral deposit. However, it is not completely safe - repeated exposure can lead to sever rashes, ingestion to severe nausea or diarrhea, headaches and lethargy.

If you are considering home-made cleaning products as your option, please review the lists at the links above to be sure of the lowest possible house cleaning cost to your health.

Non-Chemical Cleaning Methods

There are no known or expected long or short-term health risks to non-chemical cleaning methods.

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